Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook

29th May 2018

Back in January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook’s algorithm would be giving priority to “meaningful interactions”. The intention being that we are all more likely to see posts from our Family, Friends & Groups rather than from businesses.

For businesses, this means that their posts are going to reach less people organically. The truth is that businesses have seen a decline in organic reach for some time. We’ve now had confirmation from Facebook as to why.

Just to be clear, by organic reach, I am referring to the number of people that see your posts without the use of paid Facebook advertising.

So, does this mean that all businesses should give up on Facebook unless they can afford to pay for advertising to boost the reach of their posts? Well, not quite. There are some things businesses can do to help increase their reach without reaching for their wallets.

It’s important that businesses understand what Facebook means by “meaningful interactions”. Essentially, the algorithm is giving priority to posts that receive more attention from people. Facebook is looking for people to actively interact with a post, by commenting or sharing for example, rather than just looking at a post or clicking the like button.

In this week’s 2 Minute Tips video, I share how you can boost your organic reach on Facebook.