Save Time By Planning Your Social Content In Advance

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Posting engaging content to all your social media channels on a day-by-day basis will take up a lot of your time – time that could be better spent building your business. You can not only save yourself precious time by planning your social media content in advance, but also make your social posts more effective and impactful.

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Starting with a simple weekly calendar will allow you to map out all of the posts you want to make and on which social platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). A good starting point is to think about the following questions for each social platform, for each day of the week:

• What text will my post contain?
• What image(s) / video(s) (if any) will I share?
• What time of day will I post?

It can be daunting to try and think of content to fill a whole week, let alone a whole month, but a good rule of thumb is to keep your content varied. Don’t post the same type of content day-after-day as this could easily bore your audience and stop them from reading your posts. Instead, mix it up and keep your audience interested, entertained, informed and engaged.

You could try out some of the following content types to keep your posts varied:

• A product or service
• A poll
• An infographic
• Hint or tip
• Share a follower’s post
• Blog post
• Promotion or offer
• Inspirational quote
• Contest or giveaway
• Brand values
• Industry article

As you become more confident in planning your content in advance, there are free tools available to schedule your content in advance, saving you even more time. This effectively means your social media posts can run automatically in the background.

I have produced a free simple weekly social media calendar for you to download and use. Click here to download it!

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